Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just Down the Road

Recently, I was asked to speak at the Quilters Quild of the Southern Crescent, just south of Atlanta in Peachtree City. Yes, we really do name everything "Peachtree" around here!

I so enjoyed the enthusiasm of the quilters; we had a wonderful time together! I am looking forward to some upcoming visits with other groups--nothing better than talking barn quilts!

Laura Bosna, who arranged for my visit with her guild, mentioned that there were a couple of barn quilts nearby. What! New barn quilts in Georgia? Be still my heart!

So after my talk, we set off into Fayette County. We rounded a corner, and YES! There was a Georgia barn quilt!

There were also a couple of other small quilts on the side of the building.

It was a terrific day--sharing the story of the quilt trail with some wonderful quilters and discovering a couple of new quilt squares!

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  1. i cant wait either lololol!!!!!!!!!! GREAT BARN QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MARIA