Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall Leaves

I spent yesterday and part of today in Auburn, Alabama, where my sweet love's parents reside. A trip out into the countryside to buy some fresh sausage--yeah, I'm still a country gal--led us past quite a number of barns--but SIGH no quilts.

There are still a few leaves clinging to the trees, and I was reminded of one of my
favorite barn quilt patterns. Maple Leaf appears quite often on barns and is as welcome as the coming of the holidays.

Mason County, West Virginia--I visted Mollie Yauger's farm in 2008, when I first began digging into barn quilts. This photo is more recent--and it appears in the book.

My jaunt across Kentucky led to some out of the way spots, including Rockcastle County. I do love the black barn as a frame!

I am pretty sure that I posted a photo of this barn during my visit to Kankakee, but the Maple Leaf at the Curry farm is just an outstanding example. I am so excited that I will be returning to Kankakee soon for a visit!

The mountains of North Carolina can be difficult to navigate; this little treasure was part of a long day of quilt hunting.

Each time I dig through my photos looking for a particular color or theme, I am reminded of all of the wonderful people who visited with me, took me on tours, provided food and lodging. If you are ever in doubt about the inherent goodness of the human spirit--head out into the country.

This week, we intend to do just that. I hope that your Thanksgiving is as filled with joy as our mountain cabin getaway is sure to be.

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  1. I love that barn in NC. Takes me back to a quieter, less hectic time of life. Great pictures.