Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back to Ohio!

We left New York and headed for Southern PA, where I had a few speaking engagements.  I have had a blast talking with quilt guilds! You can see some of the ongoing madness here:

While in PA we kayaked the Susquehanna River.  It was great to get out on the water again--even if we were in Harrisburg for about a third of the journey.

A few days later, we  visited Gettysburg. I highly recommend the CD tour--it really brought to life all that took place.  When I think of a battlefield, I think of a confined area, but this battle was spread out over miles!  Quite the history lesson and one that won't be soon forgotten.

Here I am with Gracie--no barn on the quilt; the story dates back just a bit farther!

 One thing that surprised me was how mountainous--and beautiful--Pennsylvania is.  I had no idea!  And the barns--such glorious barns!  None of them quilted, but they are fantastic just in their natural splendor.Borrowed this photo from  always give credit where due.

SO many times I have had people argue with me that barn quilts began with the Pennsylvania Dutch.  But Hex signs are NOT quilt patterns--that is, they were not intended to be fashioned into quilts and are not taken from sewn patterns. But aren't they lovely?

On to Ohio, where Barb and Jim Gabriel gave me the barn quilt tour. I loved this Clay's choice, patterned after the quilt that Clay's grandma made for his mom to use to cover her lap while watching him play high school football.  Go Clay!

 This one is just gorgeous--the center represents a lavender labyrinth that the owner has in her back yard. Too fun!
 We stopped off to see this gem at the feed store, and I realized that Gracie Pup was out of food.  See--barn quilts do contribute to economic growth.

 The next day, we headed down to Adams County--home of the original quilt trail--where a celebration/benefit was being held in honor of Donna Sue.  I bought an $85 pie at auction--we needed to buy something, and since we will be living on a bus, we don't need much by way of things. It was yummy.  With ice cream, of course!

That's Donna Sue, I, and Barb Gabriel at the celebration.
It was a fabulous gathering--a great testament to all those influenced by Donna Sue and her legacy.  We got to see some old friends and participate in the barn quilt community in a way that is seldom possible. Very rewarding!

Two  entire weeks in Columbus, as I have some quilt guilds nearby on my schedule. We are still waiting for our bus to be ready.  Poor Ruby--I'm sure she thinks we have abandoned her.  I think I will go and pitch a tent in the parking lot of the RV place--maybe they will get her fixed just to get rid of me!

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  1. Thank you for your tour!! I have you on FB and glad I checked tonight! I live in Marshall County near Plymouth Indiana, just north up from hour or so....I am a transplanted Buckeye so I especially loved your tour. When the Barn Quilts first started I knew I wanted to do them someday...and I did start to make them for our cabin 2 weeks ago!!....We are doing to do 4 Swoon blocks for the west side....and I do love that Hospitality one you showed! ... I have an Ohio Star already made too for the East side....we have a large cabin that we built ourselves to do a BB bu since I have a longarm now for around 6 years and the room I am thinking of Retreats instead....get hooked up with the Barn Quilt tours....we are close to the Amish area too.... so for now!! finish my Barn Quilts, stain some on the cabin....Hub to put the Barn Quilts up and wha la!! wonderful!!!......... we are hoping to make them and sell them so we are doing a 2 sided one for the road....I think Spools on one side and I am not sure what to do.....maybe a Log Cabin.....haha........ thanks had perfect weather for your tirp........
    what part of Ohio are you from....our hometown in Findlay and raised the kids around Pandora Bluffton daughter and family live in Granville.......Go Bucks!!