Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New York, Chapter Two--Schoharie

Well, we're getting there!  Our visit to Schoharie, New York started off rocky--we were two hours late!  We picked up the Gracie-Pup in Queens and headed for the highway, but the road that the GPS indicated was closed.  And try as we might, we could not find a route upstate that didn't take us back that way!

We drove and drove and finally got on the road.  I called Ginny Schaum, our host in Schoharie to let her know that we were running late.  She was very gracious and let me know that she would be waiting at Shirley's, where we were to have llunch.

I had decided to drive because I am more likely to push the boundaries when it comes to speed limits.  In other words, I am a shameless lawbreaker!  Just when I thought we were making up time, traffic came to a dead stop.  We sat so long that we finally turned off the car--ugh!  Another call to Ginny, who was still patiently waiting.

Shirley was kind enough to pack our lunch to go.  I wanted to spend some time talking with her and will do so soon, but we just had to get going.

Glen got directions to Ginny's home, and off he went.  Ginny, Sharon Aitchison, and I headed out to see some barn quilts!

Love love love this one!  The house is amazing, the barn quilt is amazing.  I hope that if you click on the photo, you can see the incredible detail! And how cool is that tractor--solar powered!

You either love crazy quilts or you don't.  I am in the first category.  The building might not be too impressive, but the quilt block is just too much fun.

Even better when we stepped inside and I saw the actual cloth block that the painted block came from!  You can't quite replicate all of the embellishments in paint.

I was fascinated by a doctor's home that has been preserved as a museum. I really look forward to writing about it. All of his equipment--including the operating table in the kitchen--is there.  I could have spent hours! 

Civil War field kit--kind of gruesome and probably not actually belonging to the resident.  But I was amazed at how well-preserved it is.

Of course, we had to have a bit of fun.  Glen and Gracie played in the pond on the Schaum's property with Ginny's husband, Bill. Then they met us for the 125th anniversary celebration of the local hardware store.  Such a great community event--including the watermelon eating contest.  That's Glen on the right--second place finish!

Finally, :Ginny and Sharon unveiled the quilt block they had created for the family that owns the hardware store to honor their special day.  Gorgeous, isn't it??

Lots of beautiful countryside and many more barn quilt stories to tell.  Volume Two is going to be jam-packed!  I am starting to get a bit of writing done now that we are in one place. No, we don't have our bus back.  We are in an extended-stay motel in Ohio for 2 weeks before heading out for Indiana. at least I have a kitchen--yay!

Whew!  just a bit more will bring us up to date. Stay tuned!


  1. Can't wait to see more of your blog photos and tales!!! It was a pleasure showing you around Schoharie County and the Schoharie County Quilt Barn Trail! Sometimes it seems to grow just while we're sleeping!! ~Sharon

  2. Hooray for crazy quilts and for Quilt Barn Trails!!