Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blogging from 41,000 feet

Today was a puffy cloud day for sure. I slept late and then headed out to see a couple of the barns that we didn't get to yesterday. The Maple Leaf is on the type of barn that I love--well kept but weathered. I didn't get to meet the Currys last night, but I enjoyed my visit to their faRNMNN Wooh--major turbulence there. Decided to leave that in just for effect.

Joyce Wheedon is really proud of her barn quilt--the schoohouse and flag on the right. Jerry Legan, a quilter (yes, men do quilt) who is on the Kankakee committee designed the quilt for the Wheedons. Joyce enjoyed it so much that she created half a dozen smaller ones for her window boxes and garden. And yes, that is the natural sky--almost surreal.

After driving by to see the carnage at the Doud barn tget ytp ,eety (more turbluence--worst I have been through in many years. Paradoxically, struggling to type this is helping to keep me calm.)
Oh, yes--the carnage. From the drunk driver. What a shame.

Last week I bemoaned the fact that I had missed the Chili cookoff at Stone Mountain; I am so busy lately that I keep missing the fun stuff. Today as I took the back roads towards Chicago, I passed through the village of Grant Park, where the Oktoberfest celebration and antique car show were taking place. Had to stop--I found myself at an Oktoberfest chili cookoff! I guess everyone loves a competition, and a "kraut cookoff" wouldn't really do.

As I walked towards the park I could hear live music; I expected country or bluegrass but as I got closer I heard a pretty darned good rendition of the Rolling Stones' "Beast of Burden." You just never know. I hung out for a bit and would have bought a really cool pumpkin planter if I didn't have such an aversion to checking luggage. The festival was a great way to end my trip--an hour of relaxation before heading back to city life.

Thankfully, we are descending through the clouds and the air is a bit smoother. That also means that "all electronic devices must be turned off."

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