Monday, October 12, 2009

By the Time I got to Woodstock . . .

By the time I got to Woodstock, I had seen about 800 quilt barns! Hard to believe, but true. And still--when I round a corner and see a great barn with a beautifully painted quilt, I say to myself (aloud, mind you). Oh, WOW.
Yes, I really did go to Woodstock today--actually Bethel Woods, where a gorgeous arts center and amphitheater sits next to the Woodstock site. I was only 20 minutes away, and I had heard that the museum was worth a visit. Indeed it was--a great reminder of my early childhood, both the things that were important to me and the things that didn't make my radar at the time (I was born in '60). Great artifacts and info about the Woodstock Festival itself.
My flight was delayed by about an hour and a half. In some airports, that might allow time to get into trouble, but in Newburgh, New York, there wasn't much to do but type. Maybe I should go sit at the airport every day; I got a lot done!

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