Sunday, January 31, 2010

The AMERICAN Quilt Trail

Part of the reason we decided on "American Quilt Trail" is that a sprinkling of barn quilts is located in British Columbia. That and the fact that "National Quilt Trail" sounds like some kind of government agency!

Now there will finally be an actual trail in Canada, and I'll bet it will be the first of many.

I've been corresponding with Denise Corneil of Wardsville, Ontario, for a while, and they are ready to unveil the plans to create a trail commemorating the bicentennial of the town, which was founded by George Ward in 1810.

Each of these blocks is indicative of some aspect of Mr. Ward's life--Irish Chain for his nationality, Soldier and Union Jack to represent his affiliation with the British Army, others for his religious beliefs and abundant gardens and orchards. I believe this will be the first "biographical" quilt trail.

Stay tuned for updates on this one. And if you have an update or a barn quilt that you would like for me to post, send it to me via email, and I will happily oblige.

Stay warm, folks!


  1. How interesting that there are also barn quilts in Canada. I had no idea.
    That's a beautiful poster. Any idea if someone is selling copies of it? I'd be interested. It's so bright and graphic. I think it would be a great fund raiser for someone.
    Your number of followers keeps growing, I see.

  2. Hi, I sent Denise a note asking her about the posters--I might just get one myself! Nope--take that back--I am going to go to Ontario and see them and bring back a poster as a souvenir!

    Check back here for a comment from Denise regarding the posters.

    It's funny--I had few followers when I was actually traveling, and now that I am snug at home writing, I am more popular. I look forward to putting together a website to complement the blog soon.

  3. Hi Vivian
    The quilters are busy getting the quilt together. The poster is the "sampler" of the quilt blocks they are making. Once the quilters have "set in stone" the quilt block placement I will then likley have to rearrange the poster and then print off. The barn quilt replicas are scheduled to be made starting in April.
    If you are interested in a poster drop me a line and I will send you one.
    Thank-you for the nice comment.
    Denise Corneil
    Wardsville Ontario

  4. Hi Suzi
    I had a wonderful call from Donna Sue today. She is a wealth of knowldege and full of encouragement. Topped off with a heaping spoonful of kindness. Somebody I would like to drink tea with and eat chocolate cake with. I'll have the poster waiting for you when you come up here to Wardsville....maybe cake for you
    Thanks for all of your help

  5. Denise, I'm so glad that you got to speak with my dear friend. Now you see why I just knew that it was she--not I that should be your guiding light.

    I'm ready for the poster and the cake! And I have summers off, so don't be surprised when I show up!

    Looking forward to all of the excitement!


  6. Hi Suzi;
    Let me know when you are on your way. June 18-20 is the "kick off" and I don't know when we will have our official "hanging" after June 18-20. Keep in touch. The plans keep developing. I was thrilled to hear that Donna Sue is receiving the governor's award. She is a phenomenal woman!

  7. Suzi, I've read Denise's comment back to me, but I have no access to her directly so that I can give her my address privately. I would LOVE one of the barn quilt posters, but I need to get my address to her via e-mail. Can you help? You can contact me via my e-mail on my blog.

  8. Did you know that Quilt in a Day has a new book out called “Quilt Blocks on American Barns”?

    Robin Kinley