Friday, January 22, 2010

The Kindness of Strangers . . .

Tennessee Williams' Blanche DuBois who "always relied on the kindness of strangers" is a pathetic gal, but this phrase has always had a positive connotation for me.

After all, it was the kindness of a stranger who took a few minutes to explain to me why she had a quilt painted on her barn that led me to this project.

The past eighteeen months, I have continually relied on others' kindness. Kenny Browning and I have never met, but he provided a couple of great photos for my book of barns that were obscured by rain when I was in Lebanon, KY. He was more than glad to contribute to my 'barns in snow' theme with this Dutch Girl.

From Oregon to Alabama, an army of strangers has helped me document quilt trails that I either couldn't visit or couldn't get photos of while I was there!

Wait until the press gets this manuscript and the accompanying copyright permissions for the photos--somebody is going to have a big job to do!

Speaking of Alabama, if you haven't checked out this blog:, it's worth a look. Ginger is one of my 'guest photographers,' and she also has helped me track down info on the Gee's Bend quilt trail. And no--we haven't met!


  1. HI ,I live in Hardin county, in Kentucky. There is several barns in my area that has the quilts on them they are very pretty. But going to Caneyville today I saw A real pretty quilt design so hopely I will have my camera the next time and will take a picture of it. I do enjoy seeing the quilts on the barns.

  2. Hardin County has some great quilts! I think Kentucky has the greatest variety in designs, and I do love the way they look on the black barns!

    Do send a photo if you get a chance, and I will post it here.