Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Nice Place to Visit

Now that things are warming up around here, I'm not nearly as obsessed with snow as I was a few weeks back.

Still, I have some fabulous snow photos to share, and for those of you who are still shivering, here is a bit of wintry barn quilt beauty.

This sweet little barn is in Neversink, New York. I had a great visit there in October--and it truly was a nice place to visit! Especially in the fall.

But no, despite the beauty of this winter wonderland, as the saying goes, this southern gal "wouldn't want to live there!"

Thanks to the Neversink Barn Quilt folks for contributing this photo.


  1. I am simply DYING to get out and shoot pictures in the snow. Hopefully this weekend!

  2. Lovely photo, and that tree block is such an appropriate block to see this time of the year.

  3. I love your blog....I belong to a CSA farm in Bath, Ohio (between Akron and Medina) and we are celebrating the 100th aniiversary of our barn this year with a contest for a quilt block to be painted on our barn.It's quite exciting to be part of all this...Kristi Jalics kjalics@rocketmail.com

  4. I posted a comment, but I think too far back so am trying again. I am fascinated with your blog and will certainly buy your book when it comes out. I belong to a CSA (community supported agriculture) farm - Crown Point Ecology Center - in Bath, Ohio (between Akron and Medina). We are celebrating the 100th anniversary of our barn with a quilt block contest. The winning block will be painted on our barn. You can read about it at http://www.crownpt.org. You can even enter, if you wish! I wonder when your book will come out and if there is any possible chance we could be included in it. We're are a non-profit and donated over 30,000 pounds of organic food to our local food bank this year.
    I am thrilled to have found your blog! Kristi kjalics@rocketmail.com

  5. Suzi,

    I do love reading your blog, and I especially enjoy the pictures. Sometimes there is a disconnect between what I have read, where I have been, the posts, pictures and comments from around the web... and what I have posted on my own blog. I will try to pay closer attention to the new...

    One of the pleasures of getting older is the joy of re-discovering what I have experienced before ;-)

    Thank you for sharing.