Friday, January 8, 2010

Blanketed With Snow

I got my wish--Atlanta is covered with a beautiful blanket of snow! If it's not apparent already, this Florida gal (originally) is fascinated with winter weather.

And of course, being a teacher, snow means a day off. I do believe that Mother Nature is a fan of the four-day work week.

Like this beautiful barn, the snow brings isolation to my world, but that's not such a bad thing--more time to get my writing finished while snuggled under a quilt. Yes, I confess, I often write propped up against a bank of pillows in a corner of the couch. Isn't that what a laptop is for?

This Corner Posts pattern in Sac County, Iowa, is a beauty. Sue Peyton, whose family has been instrumental in creating the barn quilts in that community, contributed this shot. It's from a couple of years ago, though--not much driving the back roads in Iowa after all of the blizzards this year!

If you would like a barn quilt calendar, I created one from some of my photos from the last year. They are available at

Next year when I have more time, I will use a different venue so that they will be less expensive--this was just a quick and easy way to get something out there. Enjoy!


  1. LOVE this photo....although it looks way too cold for me there!!!

  2. Lovely. Atlanta's got snow. Just put a link to from our blog to your blog in a post. And also mentioned you in a press release. The Wardsville fabric quilt is taking shape.

  3. I thank you for sharing the pictures and thanks to Donna Sue for getting it started. I love looking at the barns the quilts and the snow.Would be a good trip to take to Ohio,just not in this weather.

  4. Thanks to my friend from across the border--I can't wait to visit!