Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Determined Barn Quilter

I'm not going to claim that this is the most spectacular barn quilt ever, but I love the story. The quilt trail was originally conceived by Donna Sue Groves to honor her mother, Maxine, who is from Roane County, West Virginia.

Eighty-eight year old Roane County resident Reva Snodgrass read an article about the quilt trail and knew Maxine from long ago. So she painted this quilt--by herself, in a tent next to her house. I thought the shape a bit odd, but I then realized that a whole cloth quilt actually would be rectangular.

It was, as the song goes, a rainy night in Georgia, and it's been followed by a very rainy day. I needed a feel good story to break through the clouds.


  1. That is definitely a very special story. Thanks for sharing it.
    I received my Barn Quilt calendars earlier this week. What great photos! I'll enjoy it all year long.

  2. Thanks, Vivian. I'm so glad that you like the calendars; I hope to make it an annual tradition--give me just one more excuse to travel!

  3. That is SO cool! And a beautiful quilt!