Monday, October 11, 2010

Farm Friendliness

I have seen this block only once before on the quilt trail, which seems a bit odd--Farm Friendliness is a great way to describe the quilt trail experience! You can see more of the great foliage here as well. What can I say? The leaves in Georgia are never this vibrant, or if they are, it's for about a day and half!

Isn't this little girl on her swing precious? I love the fact that these folks placed quilts at spots that are significant to the community in addition to the barns along the way.

Our last stop before heading out was at a wonderful farm where the North Star block hangs on the barn in honor of the part that the Quakers in Michigan played in the Underground Railroad. I had such a great time talking to the folks here; these heirloom squash are grown on the property and just looked so perfect arranged on the porch.

Finally, back to the teeny tiny airport, where apparently only "kown" persons are to be trusted. Sorry, but I love public typos!

The bad part? About five minutes after I stood laughing at this sign, I was explaining to the TSA folks why I had a rather large serrated knife in my purse. Yes, I keep a knife so that I can cut my veggies up for lunch at work. The traces of red pepper on the blade seemed to convince them that my story was true and that it was an honest mistake. Of course, now I need a new knife. The really scary part--I flew to Michigan with that knife in my purse!!

Speaking of forgetting, don't forget to order your calendars!

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  1. Typos on public signs amuse me too -- and it saddens me that I find them so often.
    Lovely photos, as always.
    I just ordered 2 copies of your 2011 barn quilt calendar. Don't be confused by two addresses--we use one e-mail for our PayPal account and I use my own e-mail for my blog correspondence. I'm looking forward to getting my calendars--one for me and one will be a Christmas gift.