Sunday, October 10, 2010

Props for me!

When flying from Atlanta to Detroit, I joked to the woman beside me--"Yeah, I am flying into such a tiny airport--I'll be the plane will have props. SO--of course, it did! I did find that the humming of the floor provided a great foot massage, though!

Alcona County, Michigan is beautiful right now--the peak of fall colors. The barn pictured has the "Horse in the Cabin" block on it. When my tourguide, Cindi, first told me the name, I said, "HUH? But of course it is a Log Cabin pattern with a horse in the center to signify the horses that were once raised on this farm.
Off for more barn viewing in the crisp fall air.


  1. Absolutely cool. How is Donna?

  2. Dee, she is at home after over a week in the hospital. Still not staying alone, but at least she is home.