Thursday, October 7, 2010

What are you Looking At?

Barn quilts vary widely--from the lovely replicas of old time patchwork quilts to the carefully designed patterns created using computer software and painted to exacting specifications.

I, of course, love them both--and everything in between.

Sac County, Iowa, is one of the finest
examples of the latter category. Their quilts are executed with such care that they almost look as if they are not painted. But I assure you that they are.

I loved these horses--they seem to be saying, "Hey--look at us; we're better looking than that thing hanging on the barn!"

The hay mow of the barn has been converted into offices for a feed business. The railing by which the hay fork would be pulled into the barn is still in place along the ceiling. The owner says that if a salesman gets out of hand--he might get the hook! Just kidding of course, but it made me laugh.


  1. I love this photo. Not that the others are good too! But I love the quilt and the horses; two of my favorite things!

  2. Thanks,

    These guys really did seem to be trying to say a thing or two--especially the fella on the right. (or maybe that's a gal, I don't know a thing about horses except that they are beautiful).

  3. This looks like a well kept barn. Love the gray color.

  4. They may have the outside covered with siding--I don't recall, but a lot of older barns are sided to keep them strong. But with all of the barns I have seen, I don't think I have ever seen another one this color.You're right---it is striking!

  5. I love this photo!! I hate the way that barns are so quickly disappearing from the landscape in my area. There is something so hearwarming about the sight of a barn. Not far from me there was a small, old farm that had white sheep with black faces and I would go out of my way to drive past there once in awhile. Now the farm is for sale and the sheep are gone. I should've taken pictures while I could!!