Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kentucky's Finest

Marlene Frost of Washington County, Kentucky, sent me these photos of her exciting new project.

The quilt squares are based on Civil War era quilts owned by Mattie Cooksey Fair that were found in Casey County, Kentucky, where her husband grew up. Mattie lives in Ohio now but was raised in Washington County, KY and happens to have two barns on her property--perfect for these two matching quilts.

The quilts were made by the same quilter using the same fabrics--I wish we knew more about their history! I think Marlene did a great job of replicating them.

Marlene also created two 3 by 3 foot quilt blocks for the property in Casey County where the quilts were found. The tiny building is built into a small mound with only the doors and roof protruding. Mattie says that her mother-in-law parked her small '48 auto in this tiny building!


  1. Suzi these are beautiful quilts. I looked at the first one and decided that I needed to design my own for a future quilt. The quilt block is very close to a Carpenter's Wheel, so that is what I will use to make my first Civil War quilt.

  2. Darlene, I actually thought it was a Carpenter's wheel, but it is slightly different. I do love it, and the woman who found them is so thrilled.

    I like your blog; I hope you will forgive my allegiance to Ohio U, as they are publishing the book. But there are a couple of great Buckeye quilt blocks in the book, so I guess that will do!

  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!! I had a great day, even though I only saw 9 barn quilts--I had trouble finding 2 others. I saw one that was icredible----painted like printed fabrics and with 2 quilting pins at the top painted on also!! That was my favorite!! I'm unable to post photos due to computer problems but once I get a new one, I'll be making up for lost time!!! So nice to meet you! I will have to spend some time checking out your blog!!

  4. P.S. I'm thinking of making a wood quilt square to hang on my house somewhere!!

  5. Nice to meet you as well!

    If you don't know already, the really fabulous quilt was painted by a group of homeschooled high school kids. I had a great time interviewing them last year. If you go to my October 2009 archive, you can see their photo in front of their creation. Their newest one is in my calendar--the folks in Kankakee were nice enough to send me a photo.

    Amd yes, you must make a quilt square. I was in SC a couple of weeks ago and saw some great two foot ones under the point of the roof on a couple of houses and a bunch of little one foot ones on posts in gardens.