Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Hardest Year

I found a site today called

Two journalists have been traveling around the country collecting the stories of folks who are dealing with seemingly insurmountable difficulties.

Their most recent story is about Donna Sue Groves, originator of the barn quilt concept. Last summer, she was laid off from her job with the Ohio Arts Council; a month later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and has been fighting for her life since then.

That's her in the photo; imagine being able to smile with all that she is going through. Thanks to John and Julie for allowing me to use it here.

Here is a link to her story; if you are like me, you will find a lot of other compelling reading there.

It's now one year since I met Donna Sue and began this project.

Donna's hardest year has been one of my greatest. A year spend in the fulfillment of a dream. Bittersweet.

BTW, If you'd like to send Donna a card, please drop me an email (address at left). She needs all of the encouragement she can get just now. I won't post her address here but will send it by return email.


  1. Such a touching story - thanks for posting the link. Lidia

  2. If either of you would like to send DSG a card, let me know. Bruce, I think you have her email but she isn't able to attend daily treatments and answer messages as well. A "snail mail" card is so much more personal and can be a keepsake instead of an online document.