Thursday, July 2, 2009

Out in the Field

Yep, that's me--on the job photographing the latest block in the Mitchell/Yancey quilt trail--Summer Sun.

Other than the rather lengthy conversation with a highway patrolman, the trip to Burnsville was uneventful. First time I talked myself out of a ticket in years! Gosh it felt good, though I hated leaving Barbara Webster waiting.

For the unitiated, Barbara is the force behind the quilt trails of Mitchell and Yancey Counties in NC. And when I say "force"--let me tell you, she is truly a force of nature. 136 blocks up to date, and more in progress as we speak! She mentioned that I might join in some painting tomorrow, but when I saw how intricate the quilt is, I demurred.

Barbara and I stopped in to see Ray Miller, who shared a lot of local history with us. New education--railroads and sawmills. The circus story will have to be on hold for now. We also spent some time with "The Wagon Man," so called because he takes visitors on wagon rides. His farm is pictured above. No, the cow wasn't friendly--just ready for milking! There is also a horse to the left side; if you click and enlarge, he will be staring right at you!

Barbara is a wonderful hostess. After a meal of fresh veggies, she gave me a tour of their gardens; I found out how garlic grows (yes, Suzi's farm education continues) and ate raspberries right off the bush.

What a refreshing break from the heat and humidity of home. Anybody want to buy a house in Stone Mountain? I could live in these mountains. I really could.


  1. Suzi, You keep coming up with great pictures & stories. I like the picture of you "working". Barbara W. is curtainly a force. Thanks for keeping us all up to date with your travels.


  2. My family and I just took a short trip north to Wolf Creek Dam in Kentucky. My husband loves to trout fish, so we investigated Dale Hollow while on this trip! On our way from Wolf Creek to Dale Hollow,we saw our very first barn quilts! and on the way back I took pictures of the ones I saw! Beautiful! Now I have a brand new interest that I never even knew existed until the last two days! Love your blog!

  3. Thanks, Beth. I am headed to TN and KY next week and look forward to seeing their quilts. I never get tired of them--and I have seen hundreds!

  4. Bruce, the pic of me working was BW's idea. She took several photos of me conducting interviews--something I had never thought to do.