Friday, July 3, 2009

Iris and Lavender

Kind of a theme today; the block on the left is one that I stumbled upon on the way to reshoot a block in Madison that I had seen last year when the trees were bare. I passed this beauty on the way. The iris is lovely; it's a bit hard to see because I just had to get the mountains in the background. Click to enlarge; it's well done, I think.

I have been dying to see the dragonfly block since seeing it in the brochure a year ago. Today I got my chance. What a stunner! It graces one of the buildings at Mountain Farm--an organic farm where lavender and blueberries grow (pick your own!) and goat's milk soaps are made. It's not on the way to anywhere, but when we were there, a steady stream of folks passed through. Both the lavender (my favorite scent) and the laid back atmosphere were welcome after a morning of work. Well worth a visit.

I have one more big trip planned, and then a "writer's retreat" to wind up the summer.
What? Back to work? Who, me?? Oh, my!

Happy 4th to all!


  1. I really am enjoying reading about your travels on the different quilt trails. Happy 4h! Lidia

  2. Thanks so much--enjoy the holiday!