Sunday, July 19, 2009

We're Off!

We're off to the mountains for a couple of weeks. Did I mention that Barbara Webster is ultra-fabulous? If not, consider it done.

I mentioned to her that I really needed to get away and settle in and write. Within 24 hours, she had arranged for Gracie and me to enjoy a two-week stay in a cabin here in the hills of North Carolina!

I plan to take a couple of day trips during this retreat, and if I have Internet access, I will post a bit about those. If not--see you in August!


  1. Good luck with your writing.
    If you need a proof-reader... you know my email address.
    On second thought, an engineer may not be the best proof-reader (at least I use spell-check.)

  2. Well D*m,
    I took me long enough to get a gmail account so I could respond. You are having WAY to much fun!
    We need to do lunch!

  3. Is that my gal Joy on here?? Yeah, I hate that you have to create an account to post--you should just be able to post and then if it's inappropriate, I'll take it off.

    Talk atcha on the 3rd or so.