Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Black Friday Giveaway!

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I hate the mall like a child hates Brussels sprouts. I am one of those folks who either picks up the perfect gift for a friend in June (and maybe remembers where I stashed it) or shops online after Thanksgiving. No standing in line--I don't care if it's free!

Speaking of free, this book is free--or will be to one of you. The book is put together by Kansas City Quilts; they did an amazing job gathering info on barn quilts (I'm in it!) and creating a sampler that includes patterns from nine different barns. They happened to choose one or two of my faves--what good taste!

I have a couple of these--and I actually know where they are--so I am going to include one at no charge along with one calendar order between now and Thanksgiving!

Now you can get a couple of gifts without leaving the house--how cool is that? Or treat yourself.

All orders through 10 PM eastern time Thanksgiving will be entered. That way, I can let you know before the BIG SHOPPING day if you have won--so that you will have one less line to stand in!

If you have already ordered, just post a comment here, and I will include you in the drawing.

I am so ready to get the holidays started!!



  1. Suzie, I ordered a calendar about a month ago. Count me in, please.

  2. Sure thing--hope you are enjoying it!

  3. I received my calendar yesterday - I was amazed with how quickly it came after ordering. Sarah

  4. I've ordered & received my calendar...love it!

  5. I ordered and received two calendars. I got hooked when I visited my parents in Iowa last month. I took them on a Barn Quilt tour in Washington County, Iowa (the Amish Loop). I drove, my 88 year old dad navigated, and my 84 year old mom was the spotter. They were fascinated as well. Now all they need is a barn quilt on the barn of their Century Farm!

  6. I already ordered and received my calenday, so please put me in the drawing.

  7. Oh that book looks great. I"ll have to look for it in the stores!