Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kentucky QuestBarn quilt calendar 2011barn quilts quilt trail

I posted below some of my favorite painted quilts and realized that I had forgotten this gem.

Menifee County, Kentucky is a tiny spot tucked into the middle of the state's northeastern hills.

Most of the county is covered by beautiful forests--notably the Daniel Boone National Forest, where this barn quilt resides. I was on the way to another barn--which I never found--but the trip was not in vain.

If you head out to the quilt trail, remember that maps are seldom to scale. You may not find what you are looking for, but sometimes that is OK.

Some of the best discoveries accidental. But you have to slow down just a bit!Barn quilt calendar 2011barn quilts quilt trail


  1. This is lovely Suzi, hard to believe they are painted! I have added a post on my blog...kind regards, Ann

  2. I've seen this one! And next door at the heritage center they have the quilt that inspired it. I have a photo of that, too.