Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hankerin' for the Hills

I was a bit nostalgic today, as
I spent some time talking to my students about my
journey over the past couple of years.

I also gave them a page of my writing to edit, which was very nerve-wracking. Something I have never done before, but I wanted to be "out there" in the same way that they are. And no, not all of them liked it.

So--why this particular block today? I recall the first time I was alone in a car with a quilt trail map in hand, ready to head out for discovery.

It was fall of 2008, Burnsville, NC. Turkey Tracks was near the western edge of the map, so I began there, thinking I would work my way east. What a moment--when I pulled off to the roadside to photograph a barn quilt for the first time.

About a thousand barns later, I still get that little twinge of excitement when I see a bit of color appearing on the horizon or around a curve. And I still haven't worked my way across that North Carolina map!.Barn quilt calendar 2011barn quilts quilt trail


  1. Two summers ago my son had an internship in Ashe county NC. He sent me a link showing the many barn quilts in the area. Since he had come to know the painters of several of them, he asked me to make a quilt (fabric) featuring some of these as a rememberance of his time there. I took on the challenge of drafting patterns which ranged from relatively simple maple leaf to more complicated carpenter's wheel all into 12 inch blocks and have most of them made. I guess I better get back to work on that project again before he moves home to Illinois from North Carolina!

  2. I love your blog and calendar--can't wait to hang it up Jan 1st!

  3. Thanks, Sue. I wish I could make this my job! I teach high school--it took two years of traveling every other weekend, and one summer to get this project done! And now I am selling calendars to try to pay off my travel expenses--yikes! But I wouldn't change a thing. When I have that book in hand, it will be so amazing!

    Glad you like this one. It's a humble barn but I do think it looks great with this quilt.