Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bountiful Blessings

I asked everyone in my Facebook group--many of whom are involved in creating quilt trails--what would be the perfect Thanksgiving barn quilt?

Hmmm--I just couldn't think of a thing. Someone finally suggested one, and I felt so silly--and realized that I should have put the computer away and stopped posting while I was still awake. Turkey Tracks.

The pattern is not only a very memorable barn quilt for me, but one that I posted just last week! Yikes. Middle-aged brain fog is not among those things for which I will be offering thanks.

There are a handful of Turkey Tracks photos on Facebook if you would like to see them.

Today after considering the fact that I have hundreds of barn quilt photos, I thought maybe--just maybe--there was still one among them that would be perfect for the holiday.

Cornucopia--in Racine, Wisconsin.

I remember visiting this farm, where Marge Demuth told us that she sometimes receives a call asking for “Mrs. Bomar.” The “Bo-Mar Farms” sign that you can see on the end of their barn stands for "Bob and Marge." The barn was used for livestock until the children left home, and is now an indoor play area, with a basketball hoop, swings hanging from the beams, and wooden pews for seating. I'm told that over thirty family members are often gathered in this spot.

I hope the "Bo-Mars" enjoy a wonderful family celebration and wish the same for each of you.

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