Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kramer's Quilt

It's kind of a gloomy day today, so this photo kind of fits the mood. Of course, so many of my photos have dark clouds in the background--the luck of the barn quilter!

I paid a visit to Jefferson County, TN, at the edge of the Smokies, early last spring.

Jack and Beverly Kramer braved the winds to display "Kramer's Quilt," which was the basis for their barn quilt.

The quilt dates to the 19th century. It came through Jack's family and was found in their home near Rochester, New York. They didn't know the name that the quilter had given it, so they just used their last name, since it was a family quilt.

One quilter said that it was simply Courthouse Steps with a Flying Geese border. I agree with her with regards to the border, but I am not sure about the rest. Quilters--what would you call it?.Barn quilt calendar 2011barn quilts quilt trail


  1. Well.... According to Mary Ellen Hopkins " The It's OK if You Sit On My Quilt Book", this block, it's one of three things, depending on where you put the different fabrics: Roman Cross, Christian Cross or Washington Sidewalks.
    I honestly think "Kramers Quilt" is as good a name as any. :-)

  2. Courthouse Steps is a Log Cabin variation, that I would not put with this lovely quilt. Looks similar to several "Friendship" in the center for signing names.
    Honestly, I think cloudy days can be the best for bringing out colors in photos.
    I love seeing the fabric quilt with the barn quilt!

  3. Sarah, I agree that it's just not what I have seen called Courthouse steps at all--but patterns have so many different names; I didn't want to say "No--you are wrong." Didn't think about the Friendship blocks, but you are right--I can see that.

    Cloudy days and dusk are great times for photography, but not if you want to publish the photos! ;-)

    Garden--I think you are correct on both counts! Thanks!