Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Farmer's Daughter

No, I am not a farmer's daughter, though I have to say that my grandmother--who inspired me to take up quilting--was one heck of a farmer.

She could make a quilt out of most anything--remember those polyester leisure suits--oh, yeah! I chuckled at the time; what I wouldn't give for one of those now! In her later years, "Ms. Nellie," as she was known, grew hundreds of daylilies in coffee cans behind her humble home and was known to landscapers around central Florida--a sharp businesswoman who might slip a jar of pickles to a truck driver if he seemed nice. Nellie always had a greenhouse, so when I saw this photo of Lora Partyka's greenhouse in Orleans County, New York, I loved it right away. Lora is a Farmer's Daughter, and no other block would be appropriate for the quilt trail that she started. I love her bold colors that draw attention to the greenhouse, and the pumpkins for sale in the background are perfect for the season!


  1. I enjoy seeing the quilt blocks on buildings. Have never seen one on a green house, though. Very interesting. And the block name is so fitting for that setting.

  2. What a fascinating use of quilts. I haven't seen a quilt on a building (as of yet). Thanks for the post!

  3. Let me know where you are located; I'll bet there are some near you!!